What is this symbol doing on Donald Trump's podium?

  • So, I noticed during the recent press conference that Donald Trump appears to have a symbol on his podium.

    Trump with symbol

    It roughly looks like this symbol:

    no entry sign

    In Britain, this is a common road sign, seen on one-way roads. It means 'no entry' on the side of the road drivers are not allowed to enter.

    What does it mean in the context of the press conference? What is the symbol in politics, and why is Donald Trump prominently displaying it as he addresses the press?

    The US also uses the same symbol for the same reason, usually with words overtop it. E.g. "One Way" meaning that the road is one-directional towards you.

    That's a lectern, by the way. The podium is the thing you stand on when you're behind the lectern.

    @phoog What's a pedestal, then? Or a stage?

    @AJFaraday a pedestal is the base of a statue or column. And yes, tall people will generally stand directly on the stage without a podium.

    A no entry sign would indicate his policy towards documentation-challenged immigration from Mexico.

  • K Dog

    K Dog Correct answer

    5 years ago

    enter image description here

    It's his "President-Elect" seal. The building in the center is northern side of the White House, the residence of the US President.

    This makes so much more sense than a no entry sign.

    @AJFaraday Because it isn't a no entry sign

    But it does LOOK like a no entry sign. If we didn't know better we could accuse Trump of having a sense of humour :-)

    "This makes so much more sense than a no entry sign" - that depens on your politics :-)

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