Difference between nationalism and patriotism

  • Nowadays, nationalism has a strong negative connotation attached to it. This stigma doesn't apply to patriotism.

    What's the difference between them?

    If there is a difference to what extent could nationalism be a positive force for good?

    "This stigma doesn't apply to patriotism" could be very subjective and culture specific. Or even subject to patriotism. ;)

    An illustrated example, courtesy of smbc-comics.com: http://www.smbc-comics.com/comics/1476886340-20161019.png

    Nationalism is the term people use to refer to a patriotism different than their own.

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    Nationalism: I should do what is best for my country even at the cost of other countries. Nationalists sacrifice others. Nationalists also tend to believe in a zero-sum world. In order for their situation to improve, that of someone else must worsen.

    Patriotism: I should do what is best for my country even at the cost of myself. Patriots sacrifice what is theirs.

    While the two start similarly, they end up at very different places. Of course, they also are often used as synonyms, sometimes incorrectly.

    Where do these definitions come from?

    this is a rather simplistic and slanted view

    @DrunkenSanta9035768, of course it is simplistic. All the answers here will be simplistic. Otherwise they would be published as books instead. You also say it is slanted. That, you are going to have to explain better. In what ways is it slanted?

    @DrunkenSanta9035768 my point is, if it is a good definition, being simplistic is not necessarily a bad thing. If it is slanted, it is probably not a good definition. That is why I wanted to know why you think it is slanted.

    Props for referencing the concept of Pareto efficiency per your comment on a "zero sum world". Game Theory is very much a factor in Nationalist policy.

    There are currently 3 other answers here. Only this one is simplistic, it is not explained at all, and it is slanted in that it is obviously opinion of what they mean as opposed to an objective and analytical assessment of the meanings of the terms

    @DrunkenSanta9035768 Rather than just say the answer is simplistic, why don't you focus about how the answer is wrong or not useful? Simplicity itself is a good thing

    I thought that was implied...

    This answer could be immensely improved by referencing sources. As it stands, it looks like it may as well just be an opinion of a random person on the internet.

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