Is Cyprus in Europe?

  • The Wikipedia entry on Cyprus says its location is in Europe.


    Perhaps it would be correct to say that based on the strict geographical definition of Europe, Cyprus is not part of Europe; but based on the political notions of Europe, it is?

    Wikipedia isn't "truth". It's just a bunch of info random volunteers typed up. The only "correct" answer would be what an official geography source says for the geographic map; and then start quibbling over what the "official" political definition of Europe is :)

    I am aware that Wikipedia is not "truth". Which is why I came to StackExchange, from whence all truth flows.

    Note on Wikipedia: the sources are usually good enough, I afraid when a topic gets into deep details, it may get inaccurate. I would trust Wikipedia in this question since the knowledge is pretty much available for many people so the statements are checked out by many people. This site's real strength is interactivity, the answers you get here might be inaccurate, and other users shall improve the answers or vote the answer down.

    Debating 'truth' is rather pointless, but Wikipedia generally tends to be a well cited resource of information. If there is conflicting information across topics, it's likely that it's due to it simply being a topic with conflicting viewpoints.

    Cyprus is like Melilla, Ceuta, and the Madeiras. Not located in Europe, but culturally, demographically European.

    There is no such thing as 'Europe', it's an abstract concept invented by humans. Hence there is no single right answer.

    As a general rule, SE doesn't have a strict requirement that the newer question be marked as the duplicate of the older question. A better argument would be that the other question simply doesn't address this question except in a sort of "There is no spoon" way.

    @Brythan: Well, then the duplicate message needs to be changed to something else. Right now it states "This question has been asked **before** and already has an answer."

  • Cyprus's position:

    Geographically it is considered to be in Asia. Here is the map.

    Tectonically it is on a small separate plate together with most of Turkey, is separate from the Eurasian plate, and doesn't belong to the African plate. Here is the map.

    Politically it is, in some sense, in Europe, since it is a member of the EU. But, for example, in the UN, it is considered to be Asian. It is culturally mostly Greek, but has a very notable and separated Turkish minority in the northeast.

    Other: Cyprus used to be a member of the Eurovision song contest, a member of UEFA Europa League, and as an entrant in the Olympic Games, Cyprus (and even Turkey) is categorized as a European country. Here is the color-coded Olympic map.

    So I would say that, in the most common terms, Cyprus is considered to be a country located in Europe, but in some perspectives, Asia, or between Europe and Asia.

    And historically, it was more European than Asian in its Outlook, at least during the Crusades. It's like Malta, if I remember correctly.

    @AffableGeek historically so was "Turkey".

    +1 but Eurovision doesn't really have to do with anything I think, even Israel participate in that show.

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