Do any other countries aside from the US have a pledge of allegiance?

  • As far as I understand it, the pledge of allegiance is an oath or expression of allegiance to the United States, and is made by students in many (most?) schools throughout the USA, as well as at the start of Congressional sessions.

    Do any other countries have such an exercise? If not a pledge to their flag and republic, to something else, like a monarch or their parliament?

    To be clear, you're asking about contemporary, not historical oaths, and you're also not asking about military oaths?

    I suppose so, yes, comparable to the US pledge as it is today.

    Do you mean in schools in particular (for which many countries have no equivalent), or other places too (e.g. parliament), which is more common?

    I’m more meaning pledges made by the average ordinary person; whether that be in schools or place of work; I’m sure practically every country has some sort of oath of office for elected officials.

    Summarising the answers - 3 countries have flag oaths, and perhaps about 5~6 more have some kind of oath. For a total of 10 out of 195~198 countries on earth, or roughly 5.1% Meaning 94% don't have anything like this.

    Does singing the national anthem weekly in school count?

    @user253751 I'd say that's different. In fact, I heard that often foreign exchange students to the US are required to pledge allegiance - which I find downright weird, whereas I won't mind so much singing a host nations anthem

    I'd be dumbfounded if North Korea didn't have several

    At one time the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by substantially all U.S. primary and secondary school students every school day, but this is no longer the case. The courts ruled years ago that students cannot be compelled to recite it, and these days I am unaware of any school that still has corporate recitation of the pledge at all.

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    Indeed, there are other countries with ritualized pledges to flag and country:

    Some other countries also have ritualized pledges expressing love of country and ideals, without specific reference to flags or symbolism:

    Are these routinely uttered on a daily basis though?

    @LightnessRaceswithMonica Yes. Rukunnegara is at least weekly in schools. NP of India is semi-daily in urban-ish schools, and at public events. At least when I was a kid.

    Kids these days... _Eh, get off my lawn._

    I meant to add that to the answer

    I am a middle aged urban indian and I never listen about it or deal with it in my whole life. So I guess it is not well known in india. but as I did not attend public functions like republic day/independence day etc., So may be they are the place, where these things happens.

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