What are the advantages/disadvantages of a mandatory voting system?

  • Living in a country where mandatory voting exists and experiencing the results in another without mandatory, I'm wondering:

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of mandatory voting?

    Not exactly an answer, but a few thoughts come to mind. One obvious disadvantage is about its non-democratic nature. In places with extraordinary corruption and criminality, mandatory vote could help in cases where people are prevented from voting by criminals with association with some party or candidate. I'm not sure of the chances of that happening, but it's the most common argument in favor of mandatory vote or at least mandatory justification, which is what we have in Brasil.

    @KevinPeno At the same time, if it is open ended, then it is not constructive.

    @Jrg: I don't think this question is too open ended

    @Casebash it leans dangerously close to a list question. However, jkor has managed to get a good answer in on this one.

    @Casebash and I have tossed an answer in the ring.

    we reckon, that voting should honestly be optional, because many people seriously do not want to bother standing like 40 mins in a line just to vote for somebody whom they don't even know about.

    I thought that mandatory voting is beneficial for people.we all have to go and give our one vote can change whole government.

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    9 years ago

    There a few things that come to mind.

    1. The votes are a representative sample of the whole population, not just the people who are active enough to want to vote.
    2. Because everyone has to vote, the whole country may become more politically literate and they might actually learn what their positions on different issues are, allowing them to make very informed decisions about their choice.


    1. If Advantage 2 does not happen, the (majority/ large minority?) of people who vote might not actually know what the people running stand for, and because they have to vote, they must choose a candidate. This could have the effect of swaying the vote to the candidate that is worse in the long run. Although, that is all hypothetical, it might not happen.
    2. A possible result of Advantage 2 is that the country may become more politically divided much quicker. I know that the United States has started to become very politically divided, and I feel that it is very possible that it may have happened faster if everyone was very strong in knowing how they stand on every issue.

    When the voting is free and secret, people who don't care about politics have the option to vote invalid. This, of course, is under the premise that invalid votes are counted as invalid. Many pseudo-democracies with mandatory voting count invalid votes as votes for the current ruling party.

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