Why doesn't Russia join the European Union?

  • Why doesn't Russia join the EU?

    If they become one of them, then they would not be enemies anymore, right?

    They have already joined the G-20. Then, they could also join EU, right?

    Are you asking why *Russia* doesn't want to join, or (assuming they do) why *other members* don't want them to join? There's definitely a complicated past there...

    There is a "World Union" called the United Nations, but it didn't have a lot of success in preventing war between its members. Its ancestor, the League of Nations, couldn't prevent WW2. Also, you are assuming that UE and/or Russia have problems with being enemies. As the French president de Gaulle once said "No Nation has friends, only interests."

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    The European Union has very strict standards for joining it, both economical and political. This includes inflation rate, budget deficit, democracy (as the EU understands it), gay and human rights etc. Russia does not satisfy them.

    Also the EU has very strict trade, industrial and ecological standards, such that Russian industry, agriculture and infrastructure does not satisfy them. For instance, Russia would have to scrap most of its currently used automobiles. The cost for the industry to catch up with the EU standards is enormous. This was also the argument against association agreement in Ukraine. Some of the new EU members (Bulgaria, Baltic states, East Germany to an extent) lost nearly all of their industries after joining after they were unable to compete with the EU industries or were unfriendly fused. For instance, Latvia had lost its automobile and electronics industries.

    Abandoned RAF factory in Riga, 2010

    enter image description here

    And its last produced model, RAF Stils M2

    enter image description here

    Additionally, any EU member state can veto Russian participation, and no doubt the Baltic states and/or Poland will do it.

    Besides this, there is a great anti-EU and anti-Western sentiment in Russia, especially concerning some of the EU values like gay rights but also including political and economic.

    what about EU? That part of the question isn't answered.

    @BROY That should probably be a separate question anyway, since the EU and NATO are completely different things.

    Also, Russia has 120 million population and such a huge territory that it'd become the leader of the EU if it joined (also see the question, why doesn't Turkey join the EU). Also "gay rights" isn't really an EU value, just minority rights in general. Putin uses homophobia as part of his propaganda to say "look those guys are gays", this is of course wrong.

    You could still argue it's somehow EU-related because many adjustments had to be made beforehand (although that's debatable) but I am pretty sure that, e.g., Bulgaria did not really lost that much *after* joining.

    @Bregalad Russia has about 145 million population.

    @Anixx , Just now I discovered that your information about 'RAF Autobus" is absolutely wrong. Latvia joined the EU on 1 May 2004. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latvian_European_Union_membership_referendum,_2003 . But, RAF went bankrupt in 1998. http://www.kommersant.com/tree.asp?rubric=2&node=22&doc_id=345742

    @BROY this does not matter. RAF went bankrupt because it could not withstand competition (Latvia opened its market to the EU at the time). After joining the EU competition only increases, and also any protectionist measures and government help are forbidden removing any hope for restoring. Till 2004 they still had all the production lines in order so that they could start production at any moment.

    "gay and human rights" Are gays not human?

    @Joze they're separate issues

    Note that RAF built it's buses on GAZ (from Russia) chassis so...

    What "democracy as the EU understands it" doesn't Russia satisfy?

    @SleepingGod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index#Democracy_Index_by_country_.282016.29 may provide a starting point. You will currently find Russia as #134. Compare that to Poland (#52) or Romania (#61), which at a glance appear to be the lowest-ranked EU countries.

    @Bregalad: Russia in the EU would have a lot of influence (140M pop vs 508M current members) but would be far from a majority. also in the EU parliament "The seats are distributed according to "degressive proportionality", i.e., the larger the state, the more citizens are represented per MEP.". There is also a maximum cap on MEPs per state. Finally Russia's GDP is half that of France.

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