Where do I get historic performance data of the MSCI World Growth/Value index

  • I'm looking for a free data source of historical performance data of the MSCI world Value- and Growth index. The data should be calculated with reinvested dividends.

    Which MSCI world Value- and Growth index? For Which Country?

    For the whole World in USD

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    I am also looking for that information. The data on the MSCI webpage goes only back until 2002 or so but the index started much earlier (1969 according to wikipedia). I found historical returns on a bunch of sites but they all go back only a few years. Does anyone know how to access the full history?

    @thias How did you find this link? Are there also such links for other MSCI indexes?

    Replace `106` in that URL with the desired `indexId`, which can be found in the `End of day index data search` section: Copy the link of the index that appears in the search results, then look for the number that follows `indexId=`. For example, EAFE is `108`.

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    5 years ago

    This is available directly from MSCI's website: MSCI End of Day Index Data Search. If you click on an index name, you can download the entire history.

    It seems to require Adobe Flash. Who still has flash these days :( Are you still able to download the data?

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