sfdx is not recognized as an internal or external command

  • I am trying to learn about Salesforce DX (Developer Experience). For most of the salesforce DX tasks, we require using salesforce command line interface such as authorization, creating scratch org. etc. But I am getting this error message:

    Error: 'sfdx' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    How can I fix it?

    Sounds like the folder in which you have your executable is not in your PATH environment variable

    Can you please tell me the steps to configure Salesforce Dx. For ex. which executale file is required.

    You'd have to read the official documentation - as it is only in developer preview, I don't have access to it to verify the steps.

    Pilot or Preview features that are closed should not be asked on SFSE. Instead these questions should be directed to the product team who normally have an avenue of support for anyone in the pilot or preview program. Also, the chances of the same problem happening once generally available is quite small, meaning this question is unlikely to benefit people after the fact.

  • 1.Verify the "Salesforce CLI" installed successfully or not

    Go to → C:\Program Files\Salesforce CLI\bin → Verify sfdx.exe should be availble

    2.Add this path to environment variables "Path" Go To → Windows Search → Edit environment variables for your account enter image description here

    It's not clear to me what the necessary conditions are, but adding the path to the System variables PATH (in addition to the User variables PATH) may sometimes also be needful.

    And if you're performing this configuration as an administrator to give permissions to a non-administrator user, adding this environment variable to the System variables PATH (in addition to the User variables PATH) may also be needful.

  • It depends on how you installed SFDX. You have multiple options. The easiest one is, as @Pranay said, to access the official build and just install it using the provided installer: https://developer.salesforce.com/tools/sfdxcli

    On the other hand, you can also install SFDX as an npm package, if you're used to work with the Node environment: https://www.npmjs.com/package/sfdx-cli

    Furthermore, take into account that if you are using Windows with the Linux subsystem installed, you will not be able to access the SFDX CLI from the Bash if you installed it in windows, or the other way around, so you would have to install it in both places, or just where you'll be working.

    Once you've installed the CLI remember to also open a new instance of the console (at least in Windows), otherwise it won't recognize the commands.

  • On mac:

    Running the command:

    sudo npm install sfdx-cli --global -force

    And uninstall and install "Salesforce Extension Pack".

    Did the trick for me.

  • After downloading and installing Salesforce CLI, Goto C:\Program Files\sfdx to verify it is installed. Open CMD as an administrator > type sfdx -v > Press Enter key.

    It will show the version installed.


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