How to Compare Two Dates in Apex?

  • Whay is the correct way to compare two dates in Apex? I tried the following:

    Date d1 =;
    Date d2 =;
    if(d2 > d1)
    else if(d2 < d1)
    else if(d1 == d2)
  • Derek F

    Derek F Correct answer

    4 years ago

    Yes, using the standard comparison operators <, >, ==, !=, <=, and >= is the correct way to compare dates (and datetimes as well)

    It isn't directly stated in documentation, at least not that I can find, but we can infer that these operators are meant to work on dates from the documentation on Apex expression operators (emphasis mine)

    > x > y Greater than operator.

    If x is greater than y, the expression evaluates to true. Otherwise, the expression evaluates to false.


    • The comparison of any two values can never result in null.
    • If x or y equal null and are Integers, Doubles, Dates, or Datetimes, the expression is false.

    (and the same for the other operators I listed).

    If Dates/Datetimes were not meant to be used with these operators, I would expect that they wouldn't be mentioned in the documentation like this (and there would likely be comparison methods on the Date/Datetime classes themselves).


    Also, if the comparison operators did not support date/datetime, you would get an error of some sort when you tried to save code that tried to use it.

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