Action not displaying in Salesforce Lightning

  • I have a Lightning App record detail page (The one where you drag and drop). I've created a new Action to display on the highlights panel.

    In the SFDC Classic page layout, I've added the action to the section "Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions". However, it doesn't display on the highlight panels. I have a few other actions which I've created in the same way and they display just fine. I can change the order of the actions and they change immediately on the lightning app record detail page so I know it's updating properly.

    Any suggestions as to why it's not displaying my action?


    In the list below, I'm expecting to see "New Contact Report" in the dropdown list since I've added it to the layout. However the second picture shows it doesn't have it. Buttons


    please share printsceens and code so we can see if there is a problem and where it is

    Added pictures to go with it.

    if this is the right profile and page layout - it should work fine. try in the action - replacing the lightning component to one that does work and see what hapens

    So I can move the "New Briefing" around in the ordering and it will update properly. I'm expecting to see the "New Contact Report" but it's not showing at all. I've also tried removing them all and putting them back and it doesn't help.

  • Ktruong

    Ktruong Correct answer

    4 years ago

    The reason it was not showing was because the related objects had record types and the record types were not selected in the profile. Instead, it was set as "Master". When I selected the record types, they showed up.

    I have same problem. I did not understand your solution. Can you please explain more to resolve this issue.

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