What is Salesforce1 and why/when would I use it?

  • I've seen a lot of mentions of Salesforce1 coming out of Dreamforce this year.

    As a developer, what is it and why(or when) would I want to use it?

    I get the impression it is a refinement of the chatter-mobile app with additional APIs and the primary idea is to provide mobile access to chatter, CRM and custom apps. It appears to natively target iOS and Android devices. Did I miss anything important? (I've picked this up from various twitter accounts so I could be off the mark here)

    A couple of interesting URLs to come out of twitter to directly access Salesforce1 and the SalesforceA admin app in any browser.




    Not adding this as an answer, because I'm not 100% sure either, but it appears you're basically spot on. New apps for administrators to manage salesforce.com using mobile (e.g. security settings), a unification of APIs to reach salesforce.com, bringing together all the existing infrastructure and adding new features to bring CRM to "the future." Being that it's being unveiled at Dreamforce, and I'm not there, anyone who is probably gets it better than I do right now.

    @sfdcfox The SalesforceA Mobile Admin is a welcome edition. As a Windows Phone user I'm hoping there will be HTML5 support as a native app doesn't seem likely.

    Given Salesforce's track record for making apps specifically for Microsoft products, I think it's unlikely that we'll see a Windows Phone version of Salesforce1 or SalesforceA, at least for a long time.

    If you develop in Chrome and are using the /one/one.app URL, I've found the following useful. You can open the developer console, click settings (gear icon in lower right corner), click Overrides and then select a User Agent string and Device metrics to emulate various devices.

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    8 years ago

    Salesforce1 is a new platform, complete with a host of new APIs and mobile UI tools.

    To oversimplify it, it's taking the Chatter mobile app, which up until this point has just been an app running on closed source code and building it into a platform, while really blowing out its capabilities. It's built on the premise that our business lives are increasingly happening in the feed. Every action from a like to a comment, now has a public API and method call behind it. More than just Chatter however, it's allows you to embed your business applications either through Visualforce or custom publisher actions (with you app hosted wherever). Salesforce1 will offer custom branding, administrator configuration, and allow for installable apps. 3rd party sales tools, service tools, marketing apps will be able to plug right into this framework.

    More than just mobile, while it is the focus, Salesforce1 represents a new API-first mentality at Salesforce.com. Every action, interface, and new feature is built on top of a public API that developers can also wield and consume. Think about a list view in Salesforce, it's not something you can build without some pretty deep customization and code of your own. This UI component is not built on a public API. This is the old paradigm of Salesforce.com and Salesforce1 is the new one.

    Worth referencing here is the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide and a full listing of Salesforce1 APIs

    Can you be explicit about what the new APIs are? At first sight your linked document looks like a list of largely existing APIs.

    @KeithC great question! The short answer is that all APIs apply to Salesforce1 because Salesforce1 is just a new mobile interface for Salesforce. However, it looks like Salesforce added a few new APIs at the same time Salesforce1 was released.

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