Error while updating debug log trace flag

  • I am trying to update the debug log trace flag for my user but getting the following error

    Having an active trace flag triggers debug logging. You have 259 MB of the maximum 250 MB of debug logs. Before you can edit trace flags, delete some debug logs.

    I have removed all existing debug logs but it is still throwing the error.

  • I have faced this issue, which I fixed it by deleting all debugs logs from developer console.

    1. In dev console, Select tab "Query Editor" at the bottom of the console
    2. Select check box "Use Tooling API"
    3. Use this query:

      SELECT Id FROM ApexLog
    4. Delete all rows (Use shift key to select all rows)

    Once all rows are deleted you will be able to save new debug logs.

    Update : Salesforce has released a video tutorial for same.

    The moment I click on delete the whole system hangs. Is there is any solution to this. We have around 2000 apex logs rows in org

    @MonalisaDas do in cunks by having a limit `SELECT Id FROM ApexLog LIMIT 200' and then delete

    This worked for me. However...having to do it this way makes me cringe. This functionality should have been built into the Debug -> Clear menu. I know Salesforce is moving to VS Code and scratch orgs but I still use dev console for running test suites, so it sucks to have logs "fill up" like that.

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