How to generate a GUID/UUID?

  • What is the best way to generate a GUID/UUID from Apex code (such as a trigger)? Preferably in the following format:




    @techtrekker: That looks very promising. Is it standalone and tested. I.e. do you have experience with it? Btw, you should post that as an answer. I'll give it a try and most likely will mark it as an answer.

    I haven't personally tried it, which is why I posted it as a comment.

    Glad it helped, and a good answer now awaits anyone who might need this in the future !

  • Paul Sasik

    Paul Sasik Correct answer

    9 years ago

    After working with the code in techtrekker's link (in OP comments) and other resources I cobbled together a standalone, working class for generating GUIDs in Apex code:

    Sample usage:

       if (acct.AccountUuid__c == null)
            acct.AccountUuid__c = GuidUtil.NewGuid();

    Apex class:

    global class GuidUtil {
        private static String kHexChars = '0123456789abcdef';
        global static String NewGuid() {
            String returnValue = '';
            Integer nextByte = 0;
            for (Integer i=0; i<16; i++) {
                if (i==4 || i==6 || i==8 || i==10) 
                    returnValue += '-';
                nextByte = (Math.round(Math.random() * 255)-128) & 255;
                if (i==6) {
                    nextByte = nextByte & 15;
                    nextByte = nextByte | (4 << 4);
                if (i==8) {
                    nextByte = nextByte & 63;
                    nextByte = nextByte | 128;
                returnValue += getCharAtIndex(kHexChars, nextByte >> 4);
                returnValue += getCharAtIndex(kHexChars, nextByte & 15);
            return returnValue;
        global static String getCharAtIndex(String str, Integer index) {
            if (str == null) return null;
            if (str.length() <= 0) return str;    
            if (index == str.length()) return null;    
            return str.substring(index, index+1);

    The reference to `StringUtils` should be removed if this is supposed to be a standalone class. Good post nonetheless!

    I have seen this procedure before. While it's very good, I have seen test methods once in a while give duplicates using this. The reason is the math.random which as we all know is not random at all. So the possibility exists of duplicates even with this. I think this needs to be increased to 1024 to lessen the possibility, but mostly - SALESFORCE; CREATE A STRING.NEWGUID() FUNCTION! Every language has it!

    I know this is old, but: The code by Paul Sasik is good to generate some random ID, but it has no guarantee that it is "unique", as in GUID, or UUID. Regards, Allan

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