Is there a way to access SFDC API log?

  • I'm looking for a way to monitor API calls. Specifically when an API update came through. We have a hosting service that sends trial user info to the SFDC lead object through the SFDC API. There are questions as to whether some of the calls are reaching SFDC. Is there a way to see API call details? Or a way to monitor failed API calls?

  • There is now the Event Monitoring API (Paid Feature). You can use this with the API EventType to get a complete log of all the calls that were made on a certain day. You can use the METHOD_NAME, USER_ID, CLIENT_ID to identify who and what was making each call.

    Salesforce API Event Monitoring

    I've put some additional details about this in Monitoring your Salesforce API usage

    Holy cow answering a 4 year old question!

    It's weird where Googling takes you. Came across this when making a blog post and realized the Event Monitoring API came out well after the question was originally asked. There are probably lots of questions lurking around where there is something new in that area.

    Yep just reading the release notes and looking for relevant questions would probably yield a wealth of such answers.

    I've found that I am taken 4 years in the past no matter what I google regarding Salesforce.

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