I don't know why '\n' new line is not working

  • My controller code is as follows -

           for(String resStr : responseArray){
                if(resStr.indexOf('r_error_str') != -1){
                    responseString += resStr.substring(resStr.indexOf('=') + 1); 
                    responseString += '\n';

    but when i display this 'responseString ' String using 'apex:outputLabel or apex:outputText or as Exception message '\n' is not converting in new line. Whole String is coming in one line.

    Can anyone explain why is this happining

  • Sergej Utko

    Sergej Utko Correct answer

    9 years ago

    just use <br/> in controller and escape="false" in visualforce text.

    This does work of course, but if you're looking to publish on the AppExchange the use of `escape="false"` will be heavily frowned upon (from experience).

    It is not working if i set message in user define exception object as message and rending that at visual force page. It is showing
    at visual force error message.

    It works as expected.

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