Apex Error: Field is not writeable

  • I am new to writing Apex Triggers. I wrote this trigger by referring few examples, but now i end-up with ContactAccessLevel field is not writable Error.

    Use Case: In contact object, I have a field called xrx_mf_crm__Region_1__c. If the value of this field matches the public groups name, then the record should be shared with that public group with read/write access.

    trigger ContactShareByRegion1 on Contact (After Insert, After Update) 
        Group grp = new Group();
        for(Contact ContactObj : [select Id, xrx_mf_crm__Region_1__c from  Contact where Id IN: Trigger.New]){
            string Region = ContactObj.xrx_mf_crm__Region_1__c;
            List<ContactShare> sharesToCreate = new List<ContactShare>();
            if (Region) {
                ID groupId = [select id from Group where Name = :Region].id;
                ContactShare cs = new ContactShare();
                cs.ContactAccessLevel = 'Edit';
                cs.ContactId = contactObj.Id;
                cs.UserOrGroupId =  groupId.id;
            if (!sharesToCreate.isEmpty())
                insert sharesToCreate;

    Set contact as private or read the only in sharing setting. ?

  • Jenny B

    Jenny B Correct answer

    6 years ago

    In Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings, you would need contacts to be set to Private vs Controlled by Parent in order to be able to write to that field.

    On a side note, you may want to also look into moving your groupId query outside of your for loop. You should also be able to access the xrx_mf_crm__Region_1__c field without querying for it by looping through the list of records in the trigger something like:

    for (Contact contact : Trigger.new)

    It looks like there is a blog post that should help you through this trigger too, here.

    Thanks Jenny for Answering my query. Changing the sharing setting to private helped to resolve the issue.

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