lightning components: can helpers call other helpers

  • I like to compose functions from smaller blocks.

    helperA : function (component, param){
      //do stuff
    helperB : function (component, params){
      //do stuff, and
      helperA(component, params)

    That doesn't work. Also tried

    • sticking this. in front of it
    • passing the function helperA in as a param to helperB so that it's defined.

    How do I call a function from another, either in the controller or the helper?

  • You can definitely call another function within the same object using the this keyword. I just tested the following code and it works. The example doesn't make sense but it demonstrates the functionality of the code:


    <aura:component >
        <input type="button" onclick="{!c.buttonClicked}" value="Click Me" id="myButton" />


        buttonClicked : function(component, event, helper) {


        changeMyLabel : function(component, buttonId) 
            var newLabel = 'My Label Changed';
            this.changeButtonLabel(component, buttonId, newLabel);  
        changeButtonLabel : function(component, buttonId, newLabel)
            document.getElementById(buttonId).value = newLabel;

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