Difference between the new Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certificate and the old Developer certification DEV-401

  • I'm a little bit confused about the new Salesforce Platform Developer I certificate. Is it a replacement of the old developer certificate (DEV-401)? If so, does DEV-401 certified developers need to pass the new one to be recognized as Salesforce developers?

    The same applies to the new Platform Developer II. Does it replace DEV-501?


  • Amit Malik

    Amit Malik Correct answer

    6 years ago

    You may like to watch following video.


    AppBuilder Transition Certification focus on declarative skills. It do not focus on Visualforce at all now. It do focus on Lightning Introduction, Salesforce1 understanding, Sandbox and Packages.

    Platform Developer 1 focus on coding skills. It also focus on Introduction to Lightning.

    There is no prerequisite for Platform Developer 1 certification now unlike DEV 501 for which we had to be certified developer was prerequisite.

    Platform Developer 2 focus on advanced coding skills and also has assignment.It also focus on Integration skills(SOAP API, REST API, Analytics API) now which were not tested earlier in Advanced Developer certification.

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