how to parse the JSON object in salesforce

  • how to parse the json string . here multiple contact,multiple postalcode and mulitple contactnumber .how can i get the values from this json list of contacts,list of postalcode and list of contactnumber.

        "CompanyContacts": [
                "contact": "pn0",
                "postalcode": "0",
                "contactnumber": "pc0"
                "contact": "pn1",
                "postalcode": "1",
                "contactnumber": "pc1"
                "contact": "pn2",
                "postalcode": "2",
                "contactnumber": "pc2"
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    8 years ago

    Take a look at JSON.deserialize(); (documentation)

    In your case, what you will have to do is create 2 inner classes like so:

    public class CompanyContacts
         public List<CompanyContactsWrapper> CompanyContacts;
    public class CompanyContactsWrapper
         public String contact;
         public String postalcode;
         public String contactnumber;

    then deserialize your JSON string in a new instace of the classes you created.

    CompanyContacts companycontacts = (CompanyContacts)JSON.deserialize(jsonstring, CompanyContacts.class);

    now you'll be able to programatically approach the values of your json string in the new list.

    Thanks PJC for your response... i tried what you said i got out put like this from this out put how to get the list,list and list pls help how to solve this problem... output: CompanyContacts: [CompanyContacts=(CompanyContactsWrapper:[postalcode=1, contact=pn1, contactnumber=pc1], CompanyContactsWrapper:[postalcode=, contact=, contactnumber=], CompanyContactsWrapper:[postalcode=, contact=, contactnumber=]) ] Thanks

    you just loop over your list: for(CompanyContactsWrapper wrapper : companycontacts.CompanyContacts){; wrapper.postalcode;} then you can do whatever you want with that data, put it in other lists, make contacts, whatever ;)

    Thank you very much for your valuable input to resolve our constrains..Thanks

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