Is Teredo in my router a back door?

  • I use the school computer, which I bought from school, administered by the IT-department. I opened a port to my computer when I stumbled upon this:

    UPnP settings page on, with one UDP entry for Teredo

    It points to my computer IP. (I have a static IP to my router.) The contract says the IT-department isn't allowed to enter our computers via a backdoor, but I already caught them with a hidden administrator account that they explained that was there just in case I lost my password. (But I suppose they could change it without that backdoor because the school uses domain user accounts.) It would be no problem for them to install anything on our computers without us necessarily noticing...

    Could this be another back door, or what could it be used for? There isn't any other UPnP entries to another of the computers (wirelessly connected) here on the router.

    anyways if i got a computer from school i would format the s*** out of it prior to normal use

  • You shouldn't be worried about it. It looks as if Teredo is a IPv6 tunneling technology. According to this Wikipedia article it allows for IPv6 connectivity by tunneling IPv6 packets through your router encapsulated in IPv4/UDP datagrams (so you can still talk IPv6 even though your router doesn't).

    Thank you, but why isn't Teredo set up in our personal router for anyone else? I have a wirelessly connected laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate too...

    But even though it SAYS Teredo, it doesn't have to BE Teredo..

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