Can I block based on MAC address?

  • If I block an IP, the attacker can work around the block by taking a new IP or use a proxy. Is it possible to make a ban based on MAC address? I want to block at the webserver level so that unwanted users don't create unnecessary traffic to the site.

    Is the MAC address sent as a part of HTTP request?

    Are you asking specifically about blocking HTTP requests at the web server? filtering access to a wifi point? other kind of networking? The question is not very clear.

    @Avid: Yes HTTP Request at the web server

    You can block based on the MAC address, but I can't imagine how that would help you. The MAC address would be that of your own router. MAC addresses are a LAN thing, not an Internet thing.

    @fabianhjr : Done :-)

  • No, the MAC Address isn't send on the headers. Tough, you might want to check:

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