Is there any way of getting current user's password in Windows 10?

  • I'm trying to find a way of getting my current user password in plain text, is it possible?

    I've seen here a way of doing it on Win7 but it's not working for Win10.

    If it's not, could I, at least, read the password hash somewhere just like you can do in /etc/shadow on Linux?

    Edit: I found this interesting post talking about this same matter and being able to do it, though it's a bit old, could this still be possible?

    If you can acquire the hashed password , hashcat is your friend.

    @iain I'd prefer a solution where craking hashes is not involved if possible.

    @SysFiend You won't be getting passwords in plain-text. They are stored as hashes.

  • Dconsec

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    4 years ago

    Yes, all of that in your article should still work on Windows 10. Here is another great resource on using Mimikatz that I have found helpful:

    One note though, Windows 10 Enterprise has the availability of Credential Guard. If the system is running Enterprise version and has Credential Guard enabled, the hashes are not currently accessible to the best of my knowledge.

    Plain text? Simply, in Windows 10, no. In Windows 7, WDigest is still enabled by default so passwords ARE horrifically cached in plain text. In Windows 10, that is gone by default. Ref:

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