Is it ok to use computer while scanning for viruses?

  • Should one refrain from using the computer while a virus scan is in progress? Are there certain things that are ok and others not? For example is it ok to use a web browser while a scan is in progress?

    This may be entirly unrelated but Avast 7 says "Multiple scans can be run at the same time".

    In general, AntiVirus must set high priority to scan files when executed, if that feature is there, then, multiple instances of scan required and the performance will be decreased...

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    9 years ago

    Your AV might be unable to scan some files while they are in use. If that does happen, then any good AV should report this in a summary of the scan when it finishes, I'd have thought.

    Performance could be pretty dire while it's running a scan, too!

    Why would antivirus be unable to scan files while they are in use?

    Unable is not the appropriate word. I believe they were referring to the AV might not have permissions to quarantine, remove or overwrite the file afterward (once the scan has completed) if the file is in use. Although, that statement changes from OS. e.g. Windows has Windows Explorer prevent deleting files which are in use.

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