How can I identify my phone call is being tracked or tapped?

  • When I read about mobile call tracing, the hackers/security experts track and record mobile phone calls somehow.

    Is it possible for us to identify that our call is tracked by someone or heard by someone?

    No, you have no way of knowing at all.

    Season 2, Episode 8 of The Wire) Perhaps not paying your phone bill and not losing service is a tip-off. Perhaps its just Hollywood.

    If your call has been hacked you won't be able to browse easily on your phone... The browser symbol on your phone won't stable

    What about phone systems at let's say at a hospital for example, and you hear a slight crackle on the line? Is that a symptom that someone has accessed the conversation? Just curious.

    I'm posting as a comment since I haven't verified this information: If the battery gets drained for no reason, if the phone is warm(er) to the touch without you having used it, it's an indication that there's activity that shouldn't be happening on your phone.

    slight crackle will occur even if there is any instrument which spreads radiation over there,friend

    @kunle: source? From what I know about smartphones, that seems exceedingly dubious.

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    You could try another old-fashioned way and disclose something specific on the phone, and nowhere else, that would be of interest to those monitoring you.

    If that information is later used you will know your phones are being monitored.

    Unfortunately it may be that the first time you learn that the information is known to someone other than the other person on the call is when you hear it in court. Also, even without a wiretap, the other party to your call may be a mole.

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