Possible ways to track down anonymous mail senders?

  • In my previous post here How can I send emails anonymously? the community framed and guided how we can send an anonymous emails through various ways which makes me thought about the following things

    Normally we would trace the email using email headers; my scenario is in the following form:

    How can we track-down the mail sender if he uses a virtual machine with an IP hiding tool and sending it through anonymous services

    What are the best ways to track down this kind of anonymous mail sender?

    What if you get an email with no address attached and a PNG attached with a soft copy cheque which we knew was bs anyway.There is no way to track this all I have is a name which is bogus also and the number they called from at same time it was sent.they got smart and used a local number instead of their normal number.

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    If the service is working right, you can't.

    You can just work with the information that is supplied to you, unless you can gather access to the anonymous mail sending service. This could be possible if you work for a LEA or are able to break into the service (but that would be illegal, of course). The information that is supplied is the body of the mail, the headers of the mail and attachments. Metadata in attachments can expose somebodies identity.

    For example tormail has mailservers working as hidden services and some in the normal internet, so, if you send a mail, you are connected to the hidden service so your IP isn't exposed. Unless he gives the hidden service any information that would compromise his identity, you can't get anything to track him down.

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