What is the difference between a Gateway and a Firewall?

  • What is the difference between a Gateway and a Firewall and how do they relate to one another?

    I am a developer trying to get a general understanding of network security.

    This type of question can be easily answered with a simple web search. As you continue to learn more about security it will help to be proactive about searching out for the answers yourself. In addition to being faster you'll also gain more domain knowledge as you expose yourself to more technical detail, rather than only getting 'pre-chewed' information. Best of luck in your endeavors.

    @grauwulf While it may be "simple" and have lots of people speaking on it, it's totally appropriate for our site and there are no duplicates that I'm aware of. Further, we can probably provide a **better** answer than in the first 10 Google results.

    Thank you because I started with a Google search and did not understand what I was reading so I posted the question here.

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    A gateway is simply a device that joins together two different networks. In the most common scenario, an internal network with the internet. A router is an example of a gateway device. A router is a device that does routing, deciding where packets are sent to based on its IP address.

    A firewall is a filter that examines packets against a set of defined rules in order to decide whether to allow the packets through.

    In many devices, the functionality of both a gateway and a firewall is present. Of course, there are dedicated versions of each for use in large enterprise networks.

    Simple answer. I believe I know the difference now. Thanks!

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