Is it possible to find who posted comment on my blogspot anonymously?

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    I own an blogspot site and people used to come and comment on my posts. In recent days I can see a spammer who comments anonymously on my every blog-posts. The comments were posted under the name of anonymous. Is it possible to track the IP or some stuff related to spammer whom makes comments anonymously?

    Question :

    How to detect who commented on my blogpost anonymously?

    In many cases it is possible to find who posted a comment, but it is rarely worth the effort.

    check the link they post, and see if it has a user or referrer ID. check with that site to see if they have any rules against spamming, also, you could either deny anonymous posting, or require approval before the comment becomes visible

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  • I don't think that there is a way through what you have on Blogger if you have been allowing anonymous comments.

    It would be possible for Google to track the IP; but even if they were inclined to react to an abuse report, they would not pass on that information to you.

    There are indirect ways you could narrow things down if circumstances are right and if you want to spend a lot of time doing a lot of work for uncertain results. Let's call your anonymous comments, T (for Troll). If you can find other things around the net that T has posted (using the same phrases, style, etc) then you may be able to work from those. For example, if T is posting under some pseudonym on a forum that uses Gravatar (even if T doesn't), then you may be able to get an MD5 hash of the email address T used to sign up for that forum. This sort of de-anonymizing is described here.

    Or maybe T boasts about trolling you in some other place. Or something like that.

    But these sorts of methods involve a lot of uncertainty. And if T is even half way experienced at this kind of thing, then then the IP is going to be through some proxy anyway, and any email address you find will be a throw away email.

    It may be presumptuous of me to advise when I don't know the situation, but my inclination is to suggest that you just let it go. Don't let T's actions control your mind. Don't try to seek revenge. Just disable anonymous comments and let things go.

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