Google Calendar has events that I didn't create and it's not shared

  • This has been rewritten because at first I thought this may be an accident but now it’s clear there’s a security compromise.

    In my Google Calendar I noticed an event that occurred each day from 11am-12pm titled "Hey man how you doin'". It had the description “How you doin ??”. I did not create this event. I tried deleting it and selected “all in series” but only one entry was deleted. I then clicked on the event and noticed it said I was attending this event and I changed this option to not attending. Then all the events similar to it were removed. I now see I have other events I did not create such as one from 5am-6am titled “Get up lazy bastard”. I have an android phone and android tablet, both synced with my Google account. I also have Outlook connected through IMAP to gmail.

    I connect to the internet through a VPN whose exit point varies so it would be hard to tell if there were any suspicious logins.

    I just ran Windows Update and some of the security updates failed. What is going on and how can I prevent this from happening again? The calendar shouldn’t be shared with anyone.

    UPDATE: I changed the settings in google calendar not to automatically add invites. Also I changed the password. Now on my facebook I a post was made by me I didn't make screen shot Why does it say

    Did you check in the calendar settings whether anybody can add an event to your calendar or not??

    @Jor-el yes I've changed it now.

  • You can check all your Google login activity from

    Keep in mind that a spam email / calendar invite that would have made it to your inbox works show in your calendar as a possible entry yet to be accepted.

    Yes, events from spam messages automatically appear and I get calendar notifications. You think Google would have figured out not to add events from spam. This is a gaping problem.

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