Can you get someone's IP address using Skype?

  • If you're chatting with them via Skype, how can you get their IP address?

    Do you need some kind of program or is there a simple, obvious way?

    Is it illegal?

  • For starters, I am not sure if this is illegal or not as this will most likely be dependent on your location.

    I personally use the following site to gain the IP Address of a Skype Contact. Go to and enter the Skype ID of the contact you want the IP Address of.

    hmm, i just tried it and it gives me an error. does the person need to be connected at the time?

    @thisisjnd As far as I was aware they do need to be logged in. Have you tried using it on yourself when you're logged into Skype to see if it returns your IP Address?

    hmmm, I tested it on myself and it gave me my ip address both times. Connected and disconnected. Maybe it was because I tried it first while I was connected and it....logged it? somehow?

    Not sure tbh, I've never had an issue with either someone being online of offline. Is it possible for that other person to be online again or would it be trying to find out the IP from a historical conversation only?

    they'll be online again. ill check then and get back to you. thanks for your help though! is down

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