How to force ALL programs to use my Proxy?

  • I have a local proxy on my PC. (localhost:8888) But unfortunately there are many programs which are not able to go through this proxy. So how can I force all my programs to go through my local proxy (or tunnel my connections to my local proxy)?

    So all the programs on my PC could go through this proxy before reaching the internet!!?

    what kind of a proxy do you have on localhost:8888? ssh, vpn, tor? and also, are you using windows, linux, macos?

    @pootzko default port for Fiddler so that would be my guess

    use proxifier or else try proxy cap

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    10 years ago

    Have you considered using a transparent proxy? It can automatically intercept all traffic and feed it to the proxy.

    If you're asking about Tor, check out the Tor transparent proxy, which might do exactly what you want. You might also check out Torouter.

    do you have any suggestions for a transparent proxy (application?)

    squid proxy with a linux firewall redirect rule, but thats not a single application nor a windows solution...

    Okay, thanks - i found an application named: Proxifier

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