Proxy vs. Firewall

  • I understand that very simply put a proxy is a sort of 'man in the middle' allowing/denying access to certain services/resources. Strictly in terms of security (I mean here privacy, parental control and the like excluded), can it offer any added security compared to a firewall?

    Interesting question. I've never associated the two before, but if you look at the definition of 'proxy', meaning something that performs an action on your behalf, then that would mean a firewall, in many cases, is a proxy. Having never really worked with Proxies myself, I've always just associated them as a way around firewalls. I look forward to some of the answer you'll get.

  • bstpierre

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    10 years ago

    Yes, a proxy can provide extra security.

    Proof by example:

    • A web proxy could implement malware scanning. It could prevent you from visiting blacklisted sites (i.e. known to be malicious to browsers).
    • You're on an untrusted network but need http access without being subjected to MITM attacks. Make the http connection through an authenticated, encrypted connection to your trusted web proxy.

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