Can Tor be used with applications other than Web browsers?

  • From what I can see Tor mainly handles your web browser's traffic, but is there a way to do all of your connections through it? Like email, Dropbox, Carbonite backup, Skype etc?

    (Please explain whether this might be a good or a bad idea in the first place. I can understand that Skype might be inherently 'spy friendly' due to it's closed source nature and slow.)

  • alaf

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    9 years ago

    Although Tor is made to handle any TCP traffic, the majority of applications are not designed with anonymity and/or privacy in mind. Thus, torifying an application can be tricky. You have to make sure that there is no leak i.e connections routed outside the Tor circuit. A pretty usual example is DNS leaks.

    If you want to use other applications apart from a browser, consider using Tails Live Linux an operating system which is specifically designed with anonymity and privacy in mind. Tails routes every connection through the Tor network.

    Tails has a variety of application such as instant-messaging client, email client. Of course you won't find every single one of your favorites applications pre-installed in Tails but that's the trade-off between comfort and anonymity.

    Never heard of Tails until today. Looks very interesting! Thanks for the info.

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