Best way to view Tor logs and network stats using Tor via Homebrew?

  • I have installed Tor using Homebrew and configured torrc for client and bridge relay usage. However I would like to be able to see stats similar to what is available in Vidalia network monitor and log viewer. I understand ARM should give me what I'm after but I am not sure how to run it. Also under /usr/local/Cellar/tor/... I can tail -f a number a files such as state and bridge-stats but this does not seem give me the rich detail that was available with Vidalia.

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    Edit (after realizing Homebrew is a osx only pakage manager):

    on OS X:

    To install arm:
    Simply install arm using brew install arm.

    To just view the logs:
    var/log dir doesn't exist by defult. You need ot make it under /usr/local/Cellar/tor/{Tor version}/ and perhaps turn notices or debug logs on in your torrc. And Tor will print logs on /usr/local/Cellar/tor/{Tor version}/var/log/notices.log or /usr/local/Cellar/tor/{Tor version}/var/log/debug.log.

    or point torrc to elsewhere to print the logs.

    on linux:

    I don't think if that's a good idea (or recommended) to install Tor using non-official package managers.

    To install Tor:
    See installation guide for Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora/CentOS to learn how to add official Tor package repository to your linux machine to get the latest versions first hand.

    To install and run arm:
    Once you added Tor repositories and installed latest version of Tor, you can install arm using sudo apt-get install tor-arm (if on Debian/Ubuntu) or sudo yum install tor-arm (if Fedora/CentOS) and then run arm with the same UID running/controlling Tor.

    For example, run sudo -u debian-tor arm if installed from official repo on a Debian/Ubuntu machine.

    To just see the logs:
    You can control where Tor does write it's logs in your torrc. It must be /var/log/tor/log if you didn't change anything.

    duh, I just realized Homebrew is a Mac OS X only package manager.

    Yes and documented on Tor docs @ However you pointed me in the right direction and after installing 'brew install arm' arm is now working which was my best case scenario. So answer accepted.

    Could this answer be edited to reflect that 'brew install arm' will do it, since it's been accepted but is for Linux, not OS X?

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