Does Google know that I am using Tor Browser?

  • Whenever I search something through Google using Tor Browser, it:

    • Either shows me the Google Sorry page and doesn't allow me to proceed further:

      Google Sorry page

    • Or asks me to enter the CAPTCHA to view the search results:

      CAPTCHA form

    Either of the above two happens with every Google Search. It doesn't ever let me take to search results normally when using Tor Browser. (This doesn't happen when I am not using Tor).

    So, does Google already know that I am using the Tor Browser? Should I do something at my end.

    If Google is really Tor friendly, why don't they turn off the bot test for exit relay IPs?

    You know, StartPage is basically just a proxy for Google - you get the same results, just without the tracking (attempts) and blocks. Using their search engine is good for them, since it bumps its popularity and ad view count, so I like to use it whenever I'm in Tor.

    I did find some governmental and legal sites such as commercal register in Germany that do check the usage of TOR and they tell you, that such access is blocked.

    @mirimir Then bots would use Tor to search google to harvest results and overload Google servers. I see no reason why they should take the risk.

    Use instead. It's an anonymous layer on top of Google that is recommended by the Tor.

    sometimes, i stcuk in Google's CAPTCHA loophole. Once i consecutively passed 20 challenges right, but still couldn't pass

    the situation worsens when the request link has encoded browser affiliation like " .com/search?_client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4_&channel=t26&q=abc"

    Ive just querried against sth and I wasn't presented with captcha or any other security thing

    Seemed the questioner already understood Google is aware of Tor usage, otherwise Google would not have behaved so unusually. While it was helpful to read the above comments to get an understanding as to why Google throws such a curve, the real worthwhile question is, what to do - in order to get Google to be cooperative. The answer thus far appears to be, nothing can be done. I'm now going to try one of the lesser search engines. claims, "It’s pre-configured with Startpage and DuckDuckGo, search engines that respect your privacy," so

  • In this case, Google is not interested in the fact that you are using Tor. Google runs some analysis on search queries and they sometimes produce this result.

    The background is that Google has to deal with all sorts of abuse; for example, some people send lots of queries in a short timespan to overload the servers. Google checks for this and presents the warning in your question. This can happen when you use Tor, but also when your company uses a central proxy and when lots of users Google at the same time.

    In your case, many Tor users probably used the exit to send a search query to Google. Their algorithms flagged that as suspicious, and so you get this message. In the second case, you have the chance to present yourself as a human (solving the captcha) and Google will process your query.

    Normally this behaviour changes when your Tor circuit changes. I don't see this very often. However, you can also use an alternative search engine like Bing or DuckDuckGo.

    IMO, Google should loosen a bit for Tor exit relays

    @kmonsoor IMHO not just Google **must** take a Facebook's approacj for Tor : just leave the "clearnet" as it is and make a dot-onion address for it's services in Tor.

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