How do I keep my Tor Browser Bundle current?

  • Usually I install software by using the relevant Debian packages from either Debian directly or through third party repositories like Tor's

    Unfortunately, at this time the Tor Browser Bundle is only available as a tarball download.

    What do people do to keep current other than manually updating things whenever the Tor Browser reports it's out of date?

    (Feel free to also share your answer if it works only for Windows or OS X.)

    @JensKubieziel, I don't think it's the same question. The one you reference appears to be concerned with keeping state across updates, manual or otherwise. This one is about actually getting the TBB to upgrade, without requiring manually downloading, verifying signatures, etc.

    very annoying. I do believe you-all could do a better job. And what is it about the Start Page issue - if you happen to be blind how could one possibly deal w/ a captcha?.!

    as a temporary measure or work-around, `git` could be used to keep some configuration files up to date. I think I've seen this done with some apps, but none I can think of at the moment.

  • alaf

    alaf Correct answer

    9 years ago

    For the time being the "manual" way is the officially proposed by the Tor Project and that's most users should follow.

    Also note that the Tor Project is examining various Firefox-like updater options which may integrate to Tor Browser sooner or later

    Nevertheless the procedure could be automated in other ways too and that is what Micah F Lee tries to accomplish with the tor-browser-launcher. Tor-browser-launcher could be distributed by user's Linux system, but unfortunately the feature request bug for Debian still remains open. As soon as tor-browser-launcher or some equivalent finds its way to most systems and is easy to install then probably will be the best option to maintain an up-to-date Tor Browser.

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