How can BitTorrent traffic be anonymized with Tor?

  • This blog post from a few years ago suggests that using BitTorrent services over Tor is a bad idea for multiple reasons. However, it also suggests some fixes to get over these problems.

    Is using a BitTorrent client over Tor safe? How do I set it up?

    While I'm at it, you might want to read for why it's "Tor" rather than "TOR". :)

    @RogerDingledine I had read that FAQ a while back, guess it slipped my mind. Thanks :)

    TOR will always be The Onion Router and Pluto will always be a planet.

  • Sam Whited

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    9 years ago

    As others have said, this is something you shouldn't do. However, for the purpose of actually answering the second part of your question, you can do it fairly easily. In your Torrent client's configuration screen, look for a section called "proxy" or "network connection" etc. and set it up like the following example (using Deluge here):

    Deluge configured for Tor use

    The important part is just to use as the proxy. Also note that 9050 is the default port, but it may not be the same on your installation (or if you're using the browser bundle). You'll have to look up the orport value in your torrc file.

    If you don't have separate options for different types of Torrent traffic, please don't do it. This will send all traffic (including peer-to-peer traffic) through Tor.

    It took me a few reads, spanning over multiple months, to realize that you weren't sending actual downloading of pirated movies through Tor. It might be helpful to supply which Torrent clients allow this. Obviously, Deluge does.

    You have included the DHT in the list of proxies - DHT in Deluge works over UDP, so this traffic would just get dropped, making it not function, and only good to prevent leaks, yes ?

    @bobjandal Yah, you could set that to localhost or something if you didn't want to use the DHT. I'm not sure if it's always over UDP or not... might as well just set it to Tor and then if it works over TCP at all great, if not you prevent it leaking information (I'm pretty sure you're correct, however).

    and here is the **catch** : check twice with `tcpdump` if when a client checks it's IP address or uses DHT - in some cases many BT clients can ignore proxy settings

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