My ISP/Network/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How can I download Tor?

  • I'm trying to download Tor but my ISP/Network administrator/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How do I download Tor?

    Should we be trying to reproduce the Tor FAQ here?

    Soon to be on the blocklist of your ISP:

    This is answered on the FAQ page. I dont think we need to replicate the FAQ here. Voting to close.

    This question appears to be off-topic because it is about information present in the TOR FAQ.

    @AsheeshR How is it off-topic?! That's a very common question among censored-users even though it's been always been there on Tor FAQ. Simply because they can't access Tor website for the reason I mentioned in Q. it's blocked! ps: it's Tor not TOR :)

    @RogerDingledine Yes, I think we should reproduce the essential ones. Censored users will never get a chance to see Tor website, while SE is not necessarily blocked and usually gets a good rank in Google.

    Blocking can either be URL based in which case torproject will be blocked but any of the mirrors wont. Any search engine like Google (when signed in) that encrypts traffic is more than enough. If its a keyword block, then Tor.SE wont be opening as well. I dont see how duplicating information thats pretty easily available makes sense.

    Different countries use different filtering methods. Lets say you're right about URL method. How are censored-users suppose to get the mirror list? Did you really get any useful information with that search? anything other than official website? coz I didn't.

    If people don't have access to known Tor sites, then logically we will need to reproduce common FAQ information, or refer to floating mirror of the FAQ

    @RogerDingledine Actually this might be an option and it's actually makes sense as Stack Exchange tries to create exactly that. That's also why you can answer your own questions directly.

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    mrphs Correct answer

    9 years ago

    You've a couple of options:

    • If Github isn't blocked in your network, then you can go to the official Github website for downloading the Tor Browser which is: (gettor is case sensitive), or you can directly go the official repository for downloading the Tor Browser on Github:
    • Send an email to [email protected] and a bot will try to send you the download links.
    • Send a DM to @get_tor on Twitter.
    • Send a message to [email protected] from your favorite XMPP client.
    • Search for mirrors on Internet or check the Google cached version of Tor mirrors page and check if any of those links work for you.
    • Contact a human via [email protected], explain your problem and ask for a mirror. Currently we're able to respond to requests in English, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and French.
    • Get it from a friend. Tor Browser Bundle (aka TBB) is small enough to fit in a USB stick.

      It is very important to verify the signature of any package you download, especially when you get it from somewhere other than Tor official HTTPS website. Even if you get it from a trusted friend.

    Your answer raises an interesting conundrum: if I can't access, how do I verify the signatures?

    @TomMedley You don't need access to to verify the signatures. I'll describe how to do that in another Q&A.

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