How to fix the "an error occurred while processing your photo" message when applying for a US visa?

  • I'm trying to apply for a B1/B2 US visa through the official website but unfortunately can't get past the "Confirm photo" stage as I see the following error:

    enter image description here

    I've tried to re-upload the photo several times in both Chrome, Android Chrome and IE 11 to no avail. Is there something I can do so that I can complete my application?

    @brhans tried generating a photo there now and uploading it, didn't help.

    @brhans question clarified. I can get past the first photo screen, but not the "Confirm Photo" stage

    Is your picture 600x600 px and under 240kB in size?

    @ventsyv yes. it passes the first check.

    There was something non obvious that I experienced with that tool a while back but I can't remember what it was exactly. It was something that was not spelled out explicitly... Light background? Face is in the center and takes most of the picture?

    Yes the photo is up to their standards and I've used the official tool to resize it after the first attempt failed. Still no luck.

    In my case it worked when I tried again after a few days.

    I tried Mark Clayton's method and it worked for me.

    Based on the variableness of methods used by everyone to achieve success it would seem that this is simply a server busy problem. The best solution in this case is to wait a bit and try again in a few minutes (as the error itself indicates: "Please try again later"). Perhaps try in of peak hours (if that is even a thing given that this is a international site).

  • I've tried it again with the same photo on the next day and it worked. Perhaps their online system is overloaded at certain times and one should simply try again in a few hours.

    Pro Tip: This is indeed a server busy/down issue. If your photo has passed the "Photo passed quality standards" and you encounter this specific error ("An error occurred while processing your photo. Please try again later") then don't restart the whole process of uploading the picture. Just click the "save" button. This will attempt to pull the already uploaded image from the busy server again. You can click the the save button multiple times until the error doesn't show up. PLEASE WAIT A FEW MINUTES BETWEEN CLICKING the "Save" button so that you don't aggravate the already busy server.

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