How to get from Nice to Monaco by public transport?

  • What's the simplest and cheapest way to get from central Nice, France to Monaco by public transportation?

    Note that Wikitravel is somewhat outdated: bus 100 does *not* leave from the Gare Routière (in fact the station closed in January 2011!). That's one reason I wanted to post a good answer here.

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    Bus 100 (Nice - Monaco - Menton) is a very good option and costs a mere 1.50 € (2015). It runs every 15 minutes mostly, and the trip takes 30-45 minutes. It takes an absolutely scenic route along the coast, passing through seaside towns such as Villefranche and Beaulieu.

    (There's also express bus 100X which takes the motorway and costs 4 € (2012); obviously not as good for sightseeing.)

    In Nice, the 100 now leaves from Le Port; follow link for exact locations on map. (The departure stop has changed a couple of times in recent years, having previously been Ségurane, next to Place Garibaldi, and Promenades des Arts.)

    Arriving in Monaco, there are 6 stops to choose from (do get off at one of these as the bus continues towards Menton):
    Cimetière, Place d'Armes, Stade Nautique, Office de Tourisme, Place des Moulins, Les Carabiniers.

    Heading from Monaco towards Nice, the route is slightly different; then the Monaco stops are:
    Les Carabiniers, Place des Moulins, Casino (Allée Lumière), Sainte Dévote, Place d'Armes, Cimetière.

    The buses don't run very late: last one from Nice leaves at 20:00, and from Monaco at 20:22. First departures in the morning are about 6:00. You'll find details and full list of stops in bus 100 timetable.

    Alternatively, take the train ("Nice Ville" to "Monaco Monte Carlo"). It is faster (22 mins) and arguably easier, but costs a little more at 3.90 €. There are about 2 regional trains per hour (daytime), according to SNCF. A good thing is that the trains run much later; last one leaves from Nice 22:25 and from Monaco 23:12 (on weekdays).

    The above applies to regional trains (TER) which would probably be your primary choice on this route, though you could also catch an intercity/TGV.

    price for train is 3,60 euros (by taking regional train, called TER). And for the bus, the construction work is still in place, so it probably did not change. Also, there are night buses, basically 3 per night between midnight and 4am, starting from Nice airport.

    @Vince: Thanks a lot! I edited the answer. (Feel free to update e.g. when bus 100 returns to its normal route.)

    @Jonik Is this answer valid as of today as well? Or are any changes required to reflect current information as of now?

    @AdityaSomani: The starting point in Nice had changed, which is now updated in the answer. Other than that, it should be valid. Obviously prices and other details may change whenever.

    Update (May 2015) - The starting point changed again - now the bus 100 starts from Le Port. the bus ticket still costs 1,50, the train ticket - 3,90 Euro.

    Update: the stop at Le Port seems to be temporarily moved about half a block south. I took the 100 to Monaco today and got on near 7 Place de l'Île de Beauté

    One month later (Nov) and the 100 line still goes from where @sgryzko pointed. It was a nice ride and we took the train back. Station in Monaco was a nice underground station, but the train itself not. Dirty, burned and smelling like a bathroom. Btw, Monaco is not that special. They tear down all old charming buildings and replace them with 90ties style plastic towers at double the height. Square meter prices 25-35k€ explain why.

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