Where to take photo for Schengen Visa?

  • I have a simple question. Where can I take photos with Schengen standards in US? (FYI, I live in San Diego, CA). I tried Imprint and Fedex office. Both told me that they only take 2x2 inch photo which is specialized for American passport. For Schengen visa application, I need 6x4 cm photo.

    Consulates of Schengen countries in the US usually accept US passport photos even though they are of different size.

    Do you have a digital camera, or know someone that does? Get someone to take your photo, and print it out at your nearest Walgreens/Target/Walmart/etc - should cost about 10 cents.

    Who told you about 4x6? Looking at the requirements you will need a standard passport photo. http://www.immihelp.com/visas/schengenvisa/photograph-requirements.html

    It says 35-40mm in width, and says nothing about height. Maybe try cutting down a 2x2 photo.

    Given that 1" is 25.4mm I would suggest to redo the math.

    Did you try going to a professional photographer? Or a high-end camera shop? I've had luck with getting unusual sized photos from both in the past (but in the UK not the US, so it might be different). Generally they've been very reasonably priced

    @Karlson There's no such thing as in international *standard* passport photo. As usual, in the US the "standard" always has to be different from the rest of the world ...

  • One option you have is to find a shopping mall or a supermarket that offers a photo booth. For instance, in the UK there is a chain called Photo-Me that sets up such booths in major shopping areas, and where you can get 'correct size' pictures printed for visas. On a per picture basis this is an expensive option but nothing beats its ease-of-use.

    A more DIY method is to use an online service - there are many; ePassportPhoto being one of the major ones - where you can upload a digital picture taken by yourself and then it formats the picture into the correct size for a passport / visa for a given country as multiples on standard photo printing sizes that are supported by photo print shops. You can either get this printed directly by them (this is how they make money) or just download the file and take it to a print shop at your convenience. The site also provides guidance on photo requirements (such as glasses on/off, etc).

    I went to CVS. Took 2x2 inch photo and cut it to the desired size and it worked with the consulate :)

    The link to photo-me is down. Probably they are out of service right now. I recommend https://MakePassportPhoto.com

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