How to complete the DS-160 when "Session timed out"

  • I tried using the latest versions of safari and firefox (mac).

    Everytime I try to complete the DS-160 I get a "Session timed out" error.

    I can use my application number to login again, but I get a "session timed out" before I can send any new informations.

    How to complete my DS-160 application ?

    To clarify: Talking about the form on this page

    Have you tried using the browsers' "incognito" or "private" mode? That mode usually disables plugins, bypasses cached/saved data, and ignores cookies, so it's most like trying from a completely new computer.

    Had this when I was doing a US visa app form not long ago. It seemed to time out at 10? 20? minutes. Had to keep hitting save until it timed out, then go back in each time with my ref. Took FOREVER. Worst system.

    @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas i tried. Also made sure to disable all plugins

    @MarkMayo I don’t even have time to input any information to save :(

    You can try clearing cookies and cached data in Firefox, although if the incognito mode didn't work, that may not work either. Another thought is logging in from a different ISP, they may time out your session quicker than usual if there's a lot of requests coming from your IP range. US immigration websites are infamous for being a rotting mess of bugs and ignorance, so if you can't figure it out yourself, contact your local embassy/consulate, they should know all the possible snags you may be hitting in their system.

    I had an identical experience with Chrome and FF. To my surprise, MS Edge on Windows 10 succeeded in first attempt. Not a scientific experiment, just an anecdote, so take it with a grain of salt.

    I succeeded with Opera. :D

    firefox was doing this, chrome worked

  • Antzi

    Antzi Correct answer

    2 years ago

    I succeeded using Vivaldi; a chromium based browser.

    It uses a different engine than Safari or Firefox so that could've helped

    Could you elaborate on why that would help, instead of just Chrome, or the ones suggested before?

    @MarkMayo I think Chrome would've worked just the same. I did not try

    Had to switch from mac to windows machine and Internet Explorer, don't forget to keep saving, what a burden!!

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