How can I cross the Atlantic by ship from Europe to New York? (I am not talking about luxury passenger cruise-ships.)

  • Suppose that:

    • I have both valid US & Schengen visas
    • I am a savvy backpacker with a preference for economical travel
    • I have no fixed schedule to meet. A longer travel time is even better.
    • Any European port (of Schengen country) is okay.

    I can't imagine you could sail cheaper than you could fly, but the answers will be interesting!

    @trideceth12 yeah, u are right. but the main objective here is to cross (& experience) Atlantic, not just "going" to US.

    It's not cheaper, but one reason is that it takes a week and it's full-board, so you're simultaneously paying for a full week of meals and lodging. Hence, comparing prices directly is not a fair comparison.

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    Mouvicels answer is correct. I'd like to add a bit more on freighter travel. Although I have no personal experience with it, I think it's an interesting option that I would certainly like to try out some day. The information below is fully based on what I have read on the internet.

    In freighter travel, you get to travel on-board a freighter. Those freighters take only a handful of passengers, typically a dozen or so. You need to entertain yourself. The freighter has a particular route and you can join either the whole way, or from port to port. You may need to pay a not inconsiderable amount of money to use such an unusual port of entry in the United States. Your luck is that transatlantic freighter travel is one of the most popular routes.

    You might pay around US$1500. This cannot be directly compared against an airfare, because for this price includes all meals and lodging. For some routes, the prices are in US$/day plus a base fee.

    It will probably take between 8 and 12 days.

    Some sources for freighter travel:

    thanks for ur answer. looks like a freighter will be great to fit my necessity. after ur links, i also done a lot of "research" on freighter cruising.

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