How can I get around Paris both cheaply and efficiently?

  • I will be visiting Paris in a couple of days.

    I was wondering what is the cheapest way to visit all the major tourist attractions in Paris?

    Do they have 3-day passes for all the public transportation (bus-metro-train) or is it cheaper if I buy tickets when I use them?

    Thank you for your recommendation, but I am looking for the cheapest. In the link you presented there were 3-4 options, but could not find out what is the cheapest.

    Cheapest = walking! And the city centre (where most attractions are) isn't *that* big. Or do you have specific speed requirements too?

    See also Does Paris have an equivalent of Oyster PAYG which covers Carnets and Visitor Tickets

    ALL tourist attractions? you will need at least 3 weeks for all of them

    Sorry, major attractions. @Gagravarr Only outside visiting plan is Versailles, but if you say the major thing are in walking distance, then I probably see one time tickets are the best options.

  • Stephen P.

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    8 years ago

    The metro is €1,90 per ride, and if you buy a carnet of 10 the price is €14.50 for all 10.

    Probably your best bet. I hate cycling because of the issues with locking it up, worrying about theft, and if you're in the upper arrondissements going uphill on cobblestone sounds like a miserable experience I would rather spare myself from.

    The city is surprisingly small, with a most of it very walkable (especially the major tourist attractions). Over three days I imagine 10 tickets is more then enough for the two of you.

    Tip: After you've validated your ticket, don't forget to hang on to it for the duration of your ride. My girlfriend once lost hers and had the unfortunate experience of random ticket inspection upon exiting the subway station: Where a guy with a machine asks to see your ticket, and if you don't have one that's validated, he has a fancy debit machine to collect €40 :-)

    With the velib you don't have to worry about locking it up or theft. Once you are at your destination you just put them back in the frame and you walk away. You only need to make sure the velib bike is properly inserted when returned.

    @Andra which is fine if your starting point is a Velib station and your destination is a Velib station. However if you're going outside of the 7th it becomes problematic.

    Most tourists never get outside the area where velibs stations are plentifull, and as a tourist in Paris I have not seen that many empty station outside the rush hours for office workers. If you stay near offices they will even be thankful for your to use a velib, as it opens up one more space for them to park.

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