Can I use regular headphones on transatlantic British Airways 747 flights?

  • I will soon be traveling, Economy class, transatlantic on a British Airways 747. I was hoping to use my over-the-ear headphones with their armrest entertainment system rather than the earbuds they provide.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    My concern is that their armrests have nonstandard sockets that regular headphone plugs will not work with.

    Not sure about BA but I was able to use it on a Virgin America flight.

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    8 years ago

    British Airways uses a standard 3.5mm port in all classes; you should be fine to bring your own headphones. [edit] However, I always include in my travel electronics kit an airline headphone adapter, which allows you to use your headphones' single 3.5mm stereo jack with the double 3.5mm mono ports found on some equipment, including older BA aircraft.

    2-prong mono to stereo airline headphone adapter

    In premium cabins, you may notice a smaller second outlet, and that the provided headphones have two-prong jacks. This second port is not an audio output, but a power supply for the noise cancellation system in the provided headphones. You do not need a one-prong to two-prong adapter here, and you should not attempt to plug any third party accessories into this outlet.

    In fact, I'm not aware of any major carrier which has proprietary audio jacks in this day and age. You'll find 3.5mm outlets in single stereo or split mono varieties pretty much anywhere you can get electronic in-flight audio.

    Jet Airways used the 2-pin connector when I traveled with them on long-haul flights between Europe and India six months ago.

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