How can I learn if I need to pay London's congestion fee?

  • I drove through London last week. Mostly on the the A406. I only briefly saw an announcement about the congestion fee, when entering london on the M11. I didn't see any camera or any other signs on the road, that I actually entered the zone where I would need to pay a congestion fee. The question is, how do I see that I am entering a congestion fee area and is there a way to find out as a non resident (ie. no british license plates) if I have a bill running in the UK now?

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    According to , you can call them at (UK) Tel: 0333 200 1000. I can't find a form matching your exact enquiry online. You can pay a penalty online (when you get the penalty form), or you can pay in advance, but I don't see a way to see 'Is there a penalty I owe I haven't found yet?'

    Short answer, you need to have "driven by" one of these signs:

    Congestion charge sign

    Here is the actual map:

    Congestion charge zone

    The congestion fee isn't a penalty is it?

    Not in and of itself, but quoting from the website:'You can pay in advance or on the day of travel. If you don't pay by midnight on the charging day after you drove in the zone, you'll get a Penalty Charge Notice.' (and the fee goes up from ~10 pounds to 60-120, depending on when you pay)

    Thanks for the answers. I stayed on the North Circular Road, so no worries there. Are the signs you show easily missed, or in plain sight?

    They appear to be pretty visible, and there are large Cs on the lanes that go into the congestion area. I've never been to london, but I pulled it up on Google Street View:

    They are quite large and visible (but it's easy to miss something in a busy city).

    Having driving into the congestion charge zone a few times they are really quite obvious and hard to miss. Although I've only gone in on A roads (major) so it might be less obvious on the smaller ones

    Even in small streets they are really hard to miss, big red circles painted on the street, and even several streets away the lanes leading to the zone are marked with smaller red signs

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