Travelling with beach sand in carry-on

  • I'm making a trip back home (to the coast) shortly, and I would like to bring back sand from the beach with me as a keepsake or memento. It's just a short weekend trip, and I won't be checking any luggage, so I was wondering if it's even worth bothering trying to bring sand aboard the plane in my carry-on?

    If so, what can I do to make the security screening as smooth as possible? I was planning on putting the sand in sandwich-sized plastic bags, enclosed in a larger quart- or gallon-sized bag.

    Rub your beach towel in the sand and pack it in normally !!! at home, just collect everything! :-)

    I went to Italy for a month and was afraid to bring it back with me in my bags because they were really strict so I bough my kids a couple cheap outfits and wrapped it up and shipped it from the post office to my house it came 3 weeks later ‍♀️

    @Tfhshev Whether taking it yourself or sending per post, it's still illegal in Sardinia - so it's really nothing to boast about. Why Sardinia's tourists taking sand as souvenir face fine - BBC News

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    It isn't a weapon, tool, flammable, explosive, chemical or liquid, so I can't imagine that it would be a problem. It isn't listed by the TSA as a prohibited item. I'd say just put it in the bottom of your bag and not worry about it.

    If you are travelling internationally, you may have an issue with customs depending on your country of origin and destination, but it isn't a concern from a security screening perspective.

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