Is wild camping possible in Germany? Where?

  • Is it possible to do wild camping in Germany? Are there specific zones for that? If yes, can someone recommend a few, preferably with nice trails to walk. The idea is to go into nature.

    Do you mean *possible* or *legal*? The two questions are completely different. It's not legal, but if you're remote, invisible, and well-behaved, nobody's going to arrest you.

    This has been addressed on Outdoors.SE, (2), (3), for example.

    @gerrit both. If legal where. If not legal is it tolerated, and also where.

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    Check out Freagle. Freagle is like couchsurfing, instead of your couch you can offer your backyard, barn...

    It's not wild camping per se but it is trying to fill the gap between the illegal wild camping and the normal camp site. And indeed, not so many hosts available. Still worth a try.

    My own experience with wild camping in Germany is positive if you keep simple rules in mind.

    • Don't camp in a bigger group
    • Don't campfire
    • Don't litter
    • Keep yourself out of sight
    • Don't stay more than one night
    • Don't camp in a natural reserve (from comments: thanks @amon)

    Even if you get "caught" by a ranger or police they will ask you to move or make you pay a little fine. It is more or less a trivial offence in my opinion.

    Some additions: Don't camp in a natural reserve (don't even leave a marked trail there). Don't use a tent; this makes it more obvious that you are just staying for the night, and reduces visibility. Avoid camping near hunter perches, they may be frequented at night. Avoid camping near water or moist ground: wild boars like to roll in the mud. If you sleep in the open, moving on before sunrise prevents your stuff getting wet from morning dew, and minimizes encounters.

    @amon That is excellent advice

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