Am I going to have trouble flying with a reversed name on the ticket?

  • I'm flying to Peru with my girlfriend next week and I realized that her name is incorrect on the reservation.

    Instead of Sally Marie Jones it's Jones Marie Sally.

    We're flying into Houston, then Lima, and in Lima we switch airlines for our flight to Cajamarca.

    I booked the ticket with Orbitz who made the reservation with United. United booked the flight with LAN air, the Peruvian airline.

    Both companies say that they are unable to change the name because of TSA restrictions not allowing a name change. I asked if I could just cancel and re-book, but United said they could not do this because there are multiple airlines involved.

    A note has been attached to the reservation explaining the issue, and the United rep said that they would be able to print her boarding pass with the correct name. However, he said there are no guarantees that she'll be able to fly because although the boarding pass will be correct, the ticket will still have the reversed name.

    I was prepared to just take the chance that it will all work out, seeing how it's really obvious the name is just backwards, but with recent events I'm worried that US airport security is going to be extra strict for the next little while.

    Is this something I need to worry about, or are chances good that this will work out fine?

    The United rep said there's a chance we could cancel the United flights and get a new ticket with the correct name for no cost, but we'd have to pay for new tickets within Peru ($500 out of the total $1300 ticket cost). I'd rather not do this unless there's a reasonable chance we'll have trouble at the airport.

    Everything was fine, but if it happened again I wouldn't mention anything unless they brought it up. On the way there we mentioned the issue, which resulted in a few hassles including us being seated apart and her not getting her vegetarian meal. On the way back we just kept our mouths shut and didn't have any problems.

    Just happened to me for 2 tickets and I had to cancel and rebook through the agent resulting in 1800 euros extra charges. Basically I have paid my tickets twice as I couldn't get refund as per policy on the first tickets. No flexibility from both South African airways and airticket

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    8 years ago

    It is at the discretion of the one checking your boarding pass but since they generally want you to have a good experience with them, obvious inacuracies are often let go.

    For a reversed name case, I really would not worry about it. All the parts are there and correctly spelled, so that would be easy to understand. Foreign airport personnel might not even notice.

    Having flown well over 100 times I can say that I've only had one person who took issue because my name contains non-English characters which had been replaced by English ones and even so I was allowed in without much delay.

    One of my friends James has even had tickets issued as Jim and had no problems in English speaking countries. In Peru, it took a bit of arguing but they let him in anyway.

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