How can I accurately estimate the weight of my luggage?

  • This is somewhat of a problem for me. Sometimes, when I'm packed up and getting ready to move, I find that I have no reliable way to weigh my own luggage.

    Of course, most of us know that airlines nowadays usually have heavy restrictions on luggage, including size, type, but mostly, weight.

    How should I accurately estimate the weight of my lugagge then? It seems that the norm for most airlines is 50lbs per luggage, but how can I tell whether or not something is below, equal, or above that imposed limit?

    Welcome to travel.SE. Not to sound condescending but I just use a scale like this one

    How do you know it's inaccurate?

    So your issue is the fact that your luggage is soft so it doesn't hold it's shape? Because I have used bathroom scales with this bag, may be it's better to change the bag/suitcase/duffel?

    Hard cases are what I use

    I've used it with the hardside suitcases and it was with 0.1 lb accurate as long as it doesn't touch the floor.

    I frequently use Karlson's method with any type of bag and it gives a pretty good indication.

    @MasterSergeantShooterPerson - When all I have is a bathroom scale I weigh myself, weigh myself carrying the luggage, then just subtract the two weights.

    Measure your weight, then measure your weight with luggage

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    8 years ago

    Changed my accepted answer to this. While @Itai pointed out that getting a feel is a good idea, getting a feel is never accurate enough for me to know whether I'll have to pay a fee at the airport for overweight luggage.

    @thinlyveiledquestionmark I'm glad I could have been of assistance.

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