How to get from Gatwick airport to Paddington?

  • What's the most straightforward way to get from Gatwick airport to Paddington station in London using public transport?

    I'm mostly interested in travel time & general smoothness of the trip (e.g. buying just one ticket for the whole trip would be nice). Price is a secondary concern.

    On a slight tangent, most long-distance trains out of Paddington call at Reading, which is connected to Gatwick by a direct train service - that said, services on this line are infrequent, and the trains that run it are built for neither comfort *nor* speed. The scenery is pleasantly rural considering how close you are to London, mind.

    how much luggage will you have? Navigating a central london tube with lots of luggage is a fools errand. Gawd knows how many times ive seen people do it at rush hour.WHY?. Get the 1st part for certain, the Gatwick express but get in big black cab for the second part, no stress. Are you catching at a train from Paddington (why else would you go there?) If you are then where as the advice would be different as you could catch airport buses/trains further west.

    I didn't find it too difficult at all to navigate the tube with a backpack and a carry-on size suitcase. Both company office and hotel being located next to Paddington station is one reason to go there. :)

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    The most straightforward way would be taking the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station (the journey is about 30 mins). The Gatwick Station is directly connected to the South Terminal. From the North Terminal it's a bit further and you need to take the automated shuttle train. Trains leave every 15 minutes.

    From Victoria Station you have no less than three options:

    • take the underground/tube/metro/whatever-you-call-it Circle Line (High Street Kensington direction) and get out at Paddington stop. It's gonna take about 20 minutes.
    • Accordingly to Gagravarr's comment you could also go from Victoria Line to Oxford Circus, then a cross-platform change to the Bakerloo Line up to Paddington.
    • If the metro is closed, take the bus 436 to Paddington.

    For all those options, make sure you use the exit at the front of the train, not the exit on the upper floor through the elevators or escalators.

    You could also take a taxi, if the price isn't a concern for you.

    There are other possibilities I left out because they won't be faster or more straightforward than this.

    Note: be aware of the fact that, from time to time, especially during weekends/holidays, Gatwick Express has to make alterations to train services, usually for planned Improvement works.

    Thanks! Do you know if I can buy one ticket from the airport that's valid for the tube trip too?

    Price is not a concern right now (my employer pays), but if there's a *good* public transport option available, I prefer that for other reasons. :)

    @Jonik gotcha :-) Anyway, there isn't a single ticket valid for both the train and the metro but you can purchase the metro ticket at the Gatwick Station:

    Much quicker for the tube would be Victoria Line to Oxford Circus, then a cross-platform change to the Bakerloo Line up to Paddington. The circle line all that way round is ssllllooowwww....

    @Gagravarr not sure about that but I'm gonna integrated your suggestion in the answer, thank you!

    @Gagravarr You're right that it's quicker but for someone not familiar with London the circle line option is foolproof. Also changing at Oxford Circus isn't much fun especially with luggage.

    The cross platform change is just fine with luggage - off one train, wheel your bags 50m, board next one. Any other change there is a bit of a nightmare, but northbound-northbound or southbound-southbound between victoria and bakerloo lines are really easy changes

    Sorry for delay. One correction: it **is** possible to buy one ticket for both the train & tube, according to personnel at Gatwick airport train station. (At that point I'd already purchased train-only ticket from a vending machine, so I didn't try it myself.) Other than that, accepted.

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